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President of Nigeria buhari signs proclamation ostracing IPOB in Nigeria

                          buhari signs proclamation ostracing IPOB in Nigeria

On September 17th our Nigerian president signed a presidential proclamation proscribing the Indigenous People of Biafra shortly before he left for the 72nd UN General Assembly meeting

It's about two days ago that he signed the proclamation after the Nigerian Army released a statement banning the activities of the group and declaring them a militant terrorist organization.

For the signing of the proclamation by Buhari, a source in attorney general’s office has explained presidency had effectively initiated the formal process of proscribing IPOB in accordance with the provisions of the Terrorism (Prevention) Act, 2011. It also paved the way for the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF), Mr. Abubakar Malami (SAN) to head to court to give legal backing to the presidential proclamation.

Section 2 (1) of the Terrorism Act states that “where two or more persons associate for the purpose of, or where an organisation engages in: (a) participating or collaborating in an act of terrorism; (b) promoting, encouraging or exhorting others to commit an act of terrorism; or (c) setting up or pursuing acts of terrorism, the judge in chambers may on an application made by the Attorney General, National Security Adviser or Inspector General of Police on the approval of the President, declare any entity to be a proscribed organisation and the notice should be published in the official gazette”.

Sub-section 2 goes further to state: “An order made under sub-section (1) of this section shall be published in the official gazette, in two national newspapers and at such other places as the judge in chambers may determine.”
The source at the Attorney General's office added that President Buhari was keen on signing the declaration before his departure for New York in order to have the right response in the event that the question over the declaration by the army was posed by other world leaders who have been watching events unfold in Nigeria
The issue was extensively debated between Buhari, the AGF and other aides before he left for the UN General Assembly and the president decided to sign the declaration before leaving for New York, so he could say that due process was being followed if the question was raised by other world leaders at the UN,” the sources said
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Saraki Demands due procces;

When Saraki got the news that Buhari had signed the proclamation,he then said that due process would have been followed before the attestation of IPOB as a terrorist group by the army.

In a statement where Saraki signed,said the declaration of the separatist group as a terrorist organisation was unconstitutional and an act which failed to follow due process. 
He also faulted the proscription of the group by the governors of the South-east states, stressing that the National Assembly would investigate what actually happened during the military exercise, code named Operation Python Dance II, in the region.
Saraki said that there are laws outlining steps to be taken for the categorisation of any organisation or persons as terrorist, which must be followed for such declaration to have effect.
He, however, expressed confidence that the president would initiate steps to ensure that due process was followed, thus demonstrating to the world that Nigeria is guided by the rule of law whatever the circumstances are.

While he was commending the military for its efforts at restoring peace to different parts of the country, the Senate President urged its personnel to be guided by respect for human rights and be wary in the use of force. 
Saraki also cautioned against over-stretching the military, which he said should not dissipate its fighting strength.
This, he said, could be averted by strengthening the police and enhancing its capacity to deal with civil crises. 
The statement read in full: “Following the clash between the military and members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), I hereby call for calm and restraint by all Nigerians so that we would all jointly find the right solution to the current problem rather than worsening the crisis.

“Our brothers and sisters in the South-east, in particular, should continue to maintain peace and tranquility and go about their lawful business. This crisis will not benefit anybody but would only expose innocent people to unwarranted danger.
“At this point, Nigerians outside the South-east who have worked to ensure that the crisis does not spread to other parts of the country deserve our commendation.
“I therefore call for continued efforts to sustain peace, unity and stability in all our communities so as to ensure that all residents, no matter their religion, tribe and creed, remain protected and safe under the law.
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