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Former Anambra State Governor Peter Obi Exposed His Successor Obiano Over 75bn Weeks During Anambra Election

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Former Anambra state governor Peter Obi exposed his successor Chief Willie Obiano few weeks ago over lavishing 95b left in the treasury within Four years.Peter Obi also denied asking 7billion from Chief Willie Obiano's government and explained details of what his government left for Willie,Peter Obi shunned Anambra state not to give Willie second chance.

Just few weeks to November 2017 governorship election Peter Obi called out his successor Chief Willie Obiano,Obi asked Willie to explain what happened to the 75bn he left during four years ago and he also brought up the allegation in a reaction that Chief Willie Obiano required 7billion  from his government,

Through his special adviser valentine obienyem,in a statement Obi said that he was surprised to see Willie campaigning upon the allegation placed on him that he requested money from him instead of telling Anambra people of what happened to the 75b he met in the state's treasury

Look at what Peter Obi Said:

Now that he has accepted that he did not give the N7 billion to anybody, that he should go ahead and tell Anambra people what he used their money to do, bearing in mind that major projects in the state such as roads, Awka and Nnewi malls as well as Onitsha and Agulu Hotels, among others remain abandoned.We know the governor has many questions to answer and cannot run away from them through blackmail. “For instance, on the issue of the N75 billion Obi left for him, he tried to deny it by saying he met ‘near cash’, we went on and published the banks and account numbers where the money were and the bank certified statement of accounts, but they tactically kept quiet. ”To refresh our minds, Obi left N2,139,951,400 billion in First Bank (Acc no. 2018779464) for Oko erosion; N4,909,576,925.98 billion in Sure-P Diamond account (0026290200); 1,782,568,032 billion in UBEC 1 Diamond account(0023484282); N2,101,864,766 billion UBEC 2 Diamond Account (0031151473); over N4 billion in many MDG accounts one of which was the N3,048,355,196 billion in Fidelity Bank (5030047097); over 35 billion Naira cash (set aside funds added) in all the banks,” Vanguard reported the statement as saying. The report added that Obi said he also left $156 million - Fidelity Bank ($56 million); Diamond Bank ($50 million); and Access Bank ($50 million)

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“If i left as Anambra’s Future Growth Funds as conceived by Obi, the money with interest and accruals would have been about N200 billion, but Gov. Obiano has sold all of them. In fact, it was one of the disagreements about the sale that led Mr Oseloka Obaze to resign. Obiano should be busy telling us the status of these moneys rather than his current blackmail. “Now is also the time for Obiano to justify before Anambra people why he takes N1.2 billion as security votes, which is biggest in Nigeria relative to income,” the statement said adding that it was curious that in his first six months in office, Obiano vired all the money in the MDG account, with which schools and hospitals get monetary and development support to his security vote. Obi accused Obiano of lying to the people of the state especially with the phantom $5 million ugu export as example. “As a seasonal vegetable, at least ugu would be exported once every year, but now, going to two years, we do not hear about it again. He recently told us that Anambra got the order to export 10 million tubers of yam, maybe he did not even realize that over 80 prcent of yam consumed in Anambra state come from Benue and Taraba states. “He also said that Anambra is now producing over 200 metric tons of rice, when even Stines company source rice from Ebonyi state. 

Peter Obi said that there are certain reasons why Chief Obiano should not govern for second chance 
Based on the statement the reasons include the signing of over 100 Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) that are not functional, the claim that Obiano attracted $7.5 billion investment to Anambra state and the concentration of 90 percent of his few development projects in his town.

Obi said instead of Willie to develop Awka the capital of the state,he only built three fake cracking flyovers and departed the 50percent that is meant for power for the capital to his Aguleri town which now enjoys 24 hours power supply.

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