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Janet Jackson is Not ready to Date Yet as She Continues Tour


Janet Jackson is the youngest child of Jackson's Family,she's an American singer,dancer,song writer and actress.
According to the report we got Based on Janet Jackson's marital status,she's still single and not ready to go into relationship with any Guy

As the "All for You" singer continues her State of the World tour across the country, speculation is brewing that the Grammy winner is rekindling her romance with Jermaine Dupri.
 Based on the report Jermaine and Janet are just friends and nothing much.

'Both of them have been friends for a longtime and Never done the nasty thing,although the sad news is that they broke up and they didn't talk to each other again but around a period of time they came back together,according to an insider shared a news with E'NEWS that

''Jermaine loved Janet so much and both of them have been speaking more and having conversation since the breakup,now Jermaine and Janet had built up a strong love and they have a history to tell''
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  And before things start to sound like more than just friends, E! News has been told they are not in a relationship.

"Janet is really not in a position to get involved with someone at this time," our source explained. "She is open though for something more down the line. They are in the talks of working on some new projects.''

A rep for the "Rhythm Nation" singer could not be reached for comment.
Instead of focusing on dating and boyfriends, Janet remains devoted to continuing her tour as a single mom.

Recently, Janet's makeup artist Preston Meneses teased fans about what they can expect when the singer arrives in their hometown.
"She is happy and is in good spirits. I think the world is going to get something really special from her," he shared. "She's really excited.
We all are—a lot of us have been working together for years so when we come together, it's just like being with your family and when you work with your family, things just come easy and it's a wonderful experience. Right now, I just feel like the universe put us all together for another moment. I think it's going to be a very successful tour
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