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PDP Replied To Obasanjo That No Man Is Bigger Than The Party

Marfi X ObasanjoBefore we start talking about what PDP replied to Former President Obasanjo let briefly talk about How PDP became the most prosperous,strongest and visionary political party in Nigeria,PDP formally came in around August 19, 1998 we appreciate the effort of our fore fathers for founding this great political party.

Obasanjo left the party alongside with former Vice president Atiku Abubarkar and some other governors,according people the exit of these personalities is not going to stop PDP from becoming the most potent political platform.

The party won't force Obasanjo to come back to the political party and also PDP won't die whether he returns or not
According to the People Democracy Party said yesterday that the party will still survive with or without the help of the former President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.And will not force Obasanjo to return rather demanding that No man is bigger than the party.

On Wednesday October 18 the former President Olusegun Obasanjo made a statement that he still remain the statesman working for the benefit of the party after he visited Ahmed Makarfi, the chairman of the PDP.

Take a look at what the Former President said: “I have told the chairman that I was in the PDP before but not now. God forbid, se when dog vomits, it will go back to eat its vomit, no. “I have said no partisan politics for me again, but Nigeria is my passion until death do us apart. And anything that concerns Nigeria, the good of Nigeria, you’ll see my involvement. 

“So, the chairman has come to greet me and I greet am, and now that we have greeted ourselves, the chairman will be going, you gentlemen and ladies of the press, you can now go, leave the chairman alone." 

In an interaction,the spokesperson of the party Dayo Adeyeye said his views will be respected
 “He has said it before (that he won’t return to the party). We are not going to force him. No individual is bigger than the party. “Obasanjo has the right to hold his opinion. But the PDP will not die, either he joins us or not. “We respect his opinion. There’s nothing to say more than that. He is an individual and we respect him.”.

 Channels TV reports that Makarfi stated what led to his party’s defeat while explaining what the PDP is doing to reclaim power from the All Progressives Congress (APC). “There was a lot of propaganda against the PDP and we were not effective enough in countering that propaganda," he said.

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