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Top 5 Best Movie Traliers 2017

Legendarygist is back again with the most Top 5 Best Movie Trailers So Far.

1. "Logan" Trailer 2

Logan is one of the X-men movie i ever seen it gives the franchise arguably From the moody use of Kaleo's "Way Down We Go" on the soundtrack, to the gonna-make-you-teary-eyed VO from Charles Xavier (RIP), this trailer resonates long after the final credits roll.Watching it again makes you just as excited to see "Logan" for a second time as you were upon first viewing. The best compliment we can give this trailer is that we wish we made it. 

2. "Thor: Ragnaok" Trailer 1

everybody is happy about this Movie,thanks the gods of Asgard for this Movie for giving us our new favorite GIF

3. "It Comes at Night" Trailer

We can't tell what the ''it'' here means but we are sure that Stephen King's murder clown blush. It's already made us cry four times while writing this.

4. Stephen King's "IT" Trailer 1

 This type of trailer for pennywise's much trip will give you a serious case of day terrors. I mean, just writing about it now, I can't even -- *rocks back and forth in corner.

 5. "War for the Planet of the Apes" Trailer 2


For two a-mah-zing films, the rebooted franchise has been building to an epic showdown between man and ape. This trailer proves that director Matt Reeves is going to deliver on that -- and then some. Expect lots of explosions in between Caesar giving you all the feels.

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