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Wow!!bobrisky Just Revealed That His Bae Is a Minister

bobriskyMany people are confuse about Bobrisky being a Lady or Guy,but Legendarygist is making it clear to you all that Bobrisky is a guy,he's a guy that looks dapper than some ladies a Nigerian celebrity for that matter who has more than 30 thousand views per day on his social App.
Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju always trying to become a girl by all means in his Instagram he has a lot of Fans that loves him so much,he is very popular as a bleaching expert too.Nigerian are tired of hearing Bobrisky's biography lifestyle and some are saying a lot of stuffs about him while Bobrisky keep on firing back at them.

There was a statement he made on his Facebook page that he doesn't care about the rumor flying around as far as he is counting his Million and helping people  also paying his Tithe,that he is comfortably fine  
According to Naij News Bobrisky is known as dark  male then later became white as snow.Now he has became popular on social media sensation thanks for his nature since he has been saying a lot of stories about his sponsor who he calls his “bae”

This “bae” of course, is he who the effeminate praises most of the time and says is behind his luxurious living. This “bae” is who, many a time, the cross dresser says he won’t reveal his identity because s/he doesn’t want anyone to steal him from him.


It looks like Bobrisky has finally decided to drop the new photo of his ''bae'' as he hinted Instagram page.
In a previous post which he has deleted on his privatized Instagram page where he captioned the photo of himself, said the way he dressed, is the way you dress when you’re on a date with a “minister”.

He said


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