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Ardo-Chief "Obasanjo Will Kick If PDP Fields Atiku In 2019"


Ex-Vice President Atiku Abubakar's Former Special Assistant know by his name Dr. Umar Ardo is the Local Government and State Affairs,made a statement that Obasanjo is going to work against the party platform known as PDP in case of necessity if Atiku retrieved the 2019 presidential election as candidate.

Dr Umar Ardo who was appointed as Special Assistant on Research and Strategy during Chief Obasanjo's tenure as President  around 2003,made know by Ex-Vice President Atiku,the rulling Apc platform Chieftain was about preparing grounds for his coming back or return to PDP platform.

And Atiku Media Adviser Paul Ibe made this comment that the:“ludicrous to accuse a man who is not a member of a party of plotting to hijack its structure. “Whoever is making this allegation has to look elsewhere for their failings,”

When addressing the reporters yesterday in Abuja,Dr. Umar Ardo and Ex-Governor aspirant in Adamawa State said that the return of his arrival will possibly maintain the PDP platform ticket

On November 5 2017 in a Petition followed by and addressed to the Chairman, Adamawa State PDP State Congress Appeal Panel, Ardo called for cancellation of the congresses held last week in the state.

 “We learnt that Atiku is coming back to the party with an ambition; an ambition to contest for the presidency. Now, his return will be a source of conflict because there are others in the party (PDP) who are also interested and are nursing this ambition.

“Secondly, the deep pocket that Atiku has will not just serve that ambition but it will deepen the conflict. The third disadvantage is that those foot soldiers will also serve for the ambition and in the process deepen the conflict.

“Along with the friends that Atiku will be coming with to the party is also those that will bring up enemies. For instance, it is an open secret and everybody knows it that Obasanjo will fight him.

“I think I will conclude that PDP will be better off without Atiku coming back,”

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