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Chris Ngige Reveals that “Buhari’s government has created 7m jobs”

Chris Ngige Reveals that “Buhari’s government has created 7m jobs”

Chris Ngige is the Minister of  Labour and Productivity made it known that President Buhari's Administration have been created about 7 million jobs.Chris Ngige .

Who recently Spoke with State House journalist immediately after the meeting with the Nigerian President Buhari At the presidential Villa demanded that the procreation of  ‘blue collar’ jobs was accepted by boost because of the economic heterogeneousness policy of the government.

He disclosed that since the history or creation of Nigeria no amount of Government Administration had done it before like that of President Buhari, in job creation

Chris Ngige Reveals that “Buhari’s government has created 7m jobs”
He said:

“We promised jobs when we came on board, but what has happened is that people tried to quantify jobs in terms of ‘white collar’ jobs for graduates from universities, polytechnic but they don’t want to look at the ‘blue collar’ jobs.
Agriculture and its chains alone have created more than five to seven million jobs. I am talking in terms of rice from rice tilling, harvesting, sending to the paddies, mills, and even where people are making the jut bags, transportations, people are getting jobs.
So, that value chain alone from agriculture is enormous. Take the N-power, we have created millions of jobs from here, skill acquisition from the National Directorate of Employment(NDE) and other agencies of government, jobs are being created.
We give them tools as plumbers, electricians, cosmetologists, shoe makers, tilers and several other areas. We have created several jobs.”
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