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How Hollywood Actor, Tyrese Gibson Breaks Down In Tears Over Losing His Daughter’s Custody; Says He’s Broke. (VIDEO)

 Tyrese Gibson

It’s a touching season for Tyrese Gibson the Fast and Furious star who is 38, has went on social media to flue about a number of ongoing issues in his personal life.
Because of this, he broke down in tears over his Shayla daughter who is 10-year-old,in the video which he shared on Wednesday, he dropped an emotional solicitation in order to maintain some custody of his daughter,Norma Gibson his ex-wife scout a constraining order against Tyrese Gibson  and full custody of their child.

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Don’t take my baby please, don’t take my baby,’ he said through tears. ‘This is all I got, this is all I got, this is all I got. Don’t take my baby, OK?
‘I’ve been away from my baby for two months. I just want my baby and no one’s listening because no one is in the court room.’ ‘I’m at $13,000 a month, what more do you want from me?

Tyrese was complaining about his ‘millionaire’ and billionaire’ friends he’s made saying that he is disappointed by their inadequate support towards his daughter 
‘I’ve been there for you, why aren’t you there for me?’
Tyrese also disclosed the custody action which included insinuation of child abuse placed on him ''left him hurting professionally, as he said,
‘Nobody wants to hire me, Norma! Congratulations!’
An eyesore close to his ex wife told the New York Post that ‘The video speaks for itself‘ adding, ‘He is nuts.’
Please guys pray for me and my wife’s strength and love…. Women of our world our QUEENS – please stand in prayer with my wife…. and our angel SHAYLA ….. #DaddyLovesYouShaylaNoMatterWhat
We are Not just married we are happily married that’s when this unexpected attack happened – I’m ONLY speaking out publicly Because I’ve learned SO much I’m from the hood but have never ever been on trail I repeat EVER……. My main take away is speak TRUTH to POWER and IF you’re telling the truth you should never ever settle for what they’re offering cause we did nothing wrong…… I’m on my way back to court…. I guess this week after being away from my angel for 60 days no text, no calls, no Facetime and an empty room and bed with no kisses at night before bed me and my wife have been suffering just like I know other real and involved “fathers” have been suffering so I’m on my way and I hope and pray that the your honor in good conscious make the decision to protect our angel – NoRMA I don’t hate you I just simply and literally moved on – I’m not just married I’m HAPPILY MARRIED to Shaylas example, Yes is true I didn’t just selfishly marry I was on a mission to find my daughters example, her blueprint, her consistent point of reference for what class and sophistication and the power of education and being selfless a feminist, activist, women’s marches working inside the prison systems, children’s services that’s WHO I married proud Shayla I married a licensed social worker and she’s SO SO SO powerful and amazing and like your father she’s in LOVE with the lord Jesus Christ……..
I’m almost out of money……. but I want you to know I’m willing to liquidate and lose it all cause I’m not a Singer, I’m not an actor I’m not a man with material possessions I’m Shaylas FATHER…………………………………. Pray for us….. please men and women of God pray for us and we have been and still doing the same for you…….. “Father” a full on committed
Fathers worldwide please I wanna share with you something I learned google Psychology #Enmeshment and watch videos – then google what’s called #ParentingAlienation
This is illegal, damaging and very harming to our innocent angels and its causes lifetime effects if you don’t get in on it early…….
Please don’t make this about men vs women that’s not what this is please it’s about FATHERS vs LIERS – And the lies that people are ENMESHED IN!!!!!!!!
One day I will get you back…….. One day your mother needs help….
And if I lose you over this post…… I hope they ultimately decide to do what’s IN your best interest……
But no MATTER WHAT I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE UP ON YOU AND I WILL NEVER ATOP PRESENTING FACTS…….. Being honest in honorable and Me and your new step mother are raising an honorable little girl…..
God will get you back to me I promise you…. he will…. I’m Jesus name we pray….. and yes fathers were praying for you too….
When we do right we should ALL be rewarded with our babies…….. we work HARD and put it all on the line for our babies……..
Honorable Queens and mothers of the world I just wanna send my love and Say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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