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Justin Bieber pursued Selena Gomez for months and it took some convincing

justin x selena

Popular Singer Justin Bieber was dating Selena Gomez before they broke up but recently we heard that two of them had reconcile,actually it took a couple of months for Justin Bieber to convince her most especially on his detail to witness her re-counting that the relationship will be a good thing.

According to a close Source said that the suffering Selena Gomez had which is a kidney transplant was because of Justin Bieber  although the Kidney transplant successfully that's what the Source told TMZ Justin Bieber didn't know how serious she meant to him till he found out that she could die and that's how he looked for a way to reconcile with her.(Which is he wants her back)

Justin Bieber asked Selena Gomez out again when she was in a relationship with Music Star The weeknd right now that relationship is now unstable for a month

justin bieber x selena

According to TMZ disclosed that Selena Gomez's family strictly refused Selana for going back to Justin Bieber calling him a "vile" for making her to suffer the kind of sickness she had that landed her in rehab.

A close source put it this way"Selena had to be won over." precisely she had to do it because of him.Some reported the relationship Justin and Selena Gomez is just a entrenched in Music not a Romance in that case it is so magnificent that two of them are back together latest they can collaborate on songs.

But one of the Sources said that they are not going to collaborate in any song,just be rest assure that they are fully back together.

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