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Davido Has Discloses The Break Up Rumors About His New Girlfriend, Chioma

News reaching us this Morning about the allegations concerning one of the Famous African Singer Davido and his new Girlfriend, Chioma of  purely getting to three months are now having misunderstanding and Issues which made them Unfollowed each other on Instagram. Right now the Singer is out to disclose about the rumors placed on them.

Some of the Fans who weren't sure about their details or visions have found out that the Singer and his New Giirlfriend Chioma had Unfollowed each other on Instagram page...
It could have been the right thing if it was indeed the accurate details they set their eyes on. Recently after Davido saw the News online he decided to come out at least to clear the air, saying that the Account is extremely fake.

According to his own word:“That’s not even her page lol. Damn my baby has fake pasges now ! LMAO BLOWN!”
Instead of seeing it as though trolls never wish him well with Chioma his New bae, Davido sees the controversy from another angle – that his bae has BLOWN!

Actually nobody seen it as nothing but the best that we wish the singer though and it really would be blissful, with this much love he has for his new bae, that she be the father of his male child.

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