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Cardi B Made Up Her Mind To Break Taylor Swift's Apple Music Record

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Recently we gathered a lot of information concerning Cardi B and her Pregnancy which she revealed at ''Saturday Live''. Despite her situation and condition yet she's still trying to involve herself to that same limit she has been planing to reach for so long.

According to the report, on Friday nobody believe that Cardi B would be the Star that will break Taylor Swift's Apple Music Record and she didn't only break it rather she scattered and destroyed it with her debut Album Invasion of Privacy is now the great Apple Music's most-streamed album by a female Star for the first week during more than 100 million streams.

The Invasion Of Privacy destroyed the Taylor Swift's reputation according to Billboard report. For number 5 on Apple Music's worldwide chart of most streamed albums that's where the ''Be careful''
is spotting right now.
Cardi B's album is now on fire receiving gold from various angles, based on the report from Forbes they thank the formality surrounding the song "Bodak Yellow." which was featured on Invasion of Privacy, went five times platinum, that equals 500,000 units for the album.

News we are waiting to confirm straight away is Cardi B mentioning a statement of collecting $70,000 daily for her performance at the festival around Sunday (April 15) at Coachella on stage but main looking at it she might end up losing the money if she's investing $300,000 into her stage set.

Honestly Cardi B is doing great i music industry, Legendarygist is congratulating her for the success she encountered is not easy, although there are a lot of challenges ahead of her meaning Nicki Minaj is about to release her upcoming Album.

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