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Nigerian Singer Kiss Daniel Gives Warning To One Of His Fans Who Wants Him To Say Hi To His Girlfriend

kiss daniel
According to the News reaching us this morning Nigerian Singer also AfroPop Musician gave warning to his Fan over the incident that occurred after the Fan asked Kiss Daniel to make a Shout-Out to his Girlfriend.

Which the Fan didn't even know that what he's asking for is kind of risk, forget about that Kiss Daniel is a Celebrity which we are talking about.

But the Singer gave him serious advice saying that he can't be trusted.

The Fan twitted:

am not asking u for money or anything, I just nid u to just say hi to my girlfriend who has been there for me over 2years..I nid her to feel special getting to hear ur voice.. Flyboi ..plz do this for me..

Kiss Daniel recently gave him serious advice “Don’t think that’s a good idea chief… � I can’t be trusted.”

kiss daniel
After some days ago Kiss Daniel was in search of his 'Loyal Fan' who will return his newly Acquired Diamond he bought that fell down from his neck when he was performing in a Show.

The singer went on Instagram to thank the Fan who returned his Diamond and also gave him
something special.

Look at what Kiss Daniel wrote on his Instagram Page:

kiss daniel

“I really wanna appreciate the fan that gave back my chain when it fell off last night. That’s a fortune right there. Vado citizens are great people! You guys were lit …. Tag Him pls , I have something for him”

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