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Tupac Diss Jay-z,Biggie and More,in Lost ‘The 7 Day Theory’ Liner Notes

The secret about Tupac will continue show up and most of the fact about his death seem to be hidden but as a matter of fact also,those of them who know more about Pac still feel that guilty about his death if only they have hands following his pass away.However,many stories out there has been told about his death yet Americans still want more details about the legendary rapper of all time although his is dead but his past glory still live around.

There has been this item which many of his crew keep looking for and one of the lost item is said to be a note from Tupac which he wrote in one of his album The Don Killuminati:The 7 Day Theory released in November, 1996.The Note which was found just recently has been confirmed to be a hand written from Tupac and he wrote this with a ballpoint pen as Auction told us.

The above Note has that details that name most of the legends in hiphop and most of them are Biggie, Diddy, Jimmy Henchman and more for “conspiring my downfall.” Elsewhere, he calls Dr. Dre a “closet homo,” Wendy Williams “a fat bitch,” Mobb Deep “no record selling asses” and De La Soul “fat washed up Bums.” He calls out Nas, Lil’ Kim, Faith Evans and Jay-Z as well. Only a very limited version of this note ended on being on the album. Rap-Up.

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