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                                                    ABOUT US

Legendarygist bring user the search result from google yahoo and other popular search engines. Legendarygist also provides multimedia, Results, Including images, Videos, News and International/Local Information.

Also Legendarygist is one of the biggest sites in the world is a site that contains what you are looking for provided it's all about Entertainments or celebrities although is not a site where you can download songs or videos but we post the videos and songs where you can download them with External Links from other websites which google authorized us to do.

Also our follow bloggers,always bear it in mind that any content in this website is secured in such a way that you are permitted to seek for support or permission before coping and pasting on your site of our content to overcome google underrating your website. 

So we acknowledge you all to know our terms and conditions of this website without being facing any penalty or charges which is not proper.Once again Thank you all for your concerns and urge you to visit our Homepage anytime.My name is Agbugba Kingsley Chinecherem
                                            FOR PROMOTION
Legendarygist helps people do their promotion when it comes to Songs and Videos at Affordable price same thing also applicable to Advertisement in case if you want to reach us you can Contact us through our Email address or Phone Number

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